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The Subterranean World Blog

Everything about everything important.

by Kailash Youze

Hihi ,

i am the artist Kailash Youze,

i love painting, making music and spending time with family and friends.

This is the year 2024 and it has been a good year to this day.

Its only the 13. of January but im positive about the future.

We have a terrible crisis in the world due to Israels occupation and genocide in Palestine.

Lets pray for a better way for all those war criminals , lets pray they leave all the innocents alone and that justice will serve them their due.

I hope we see a better day for all of humanity in the years to come.

Lets make this place a meaningful place for humanity and creativity.

One Love.

Please do check often as i ntend to be active sharing art and life with the world.

Best regards !

Kailash Youze.

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