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Hi hi, I am Kailash Youze or Kalli as I am known by my family and friends. My passion in art is to explore my mind and soul and find meaning in painting. I enjoy it very much and am happy to attend The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts now starting in 2022.

My style has been developing since my early days in childhood and then on to teenager and young adult into the now as a grown up man. I am thankful for a lot of good artist friends and interest of friends and family about my artworks. Some like one style and others like another and some don't like it at all , but I don't mind because to me it isn't all about making a masterpiece that invents the wheel. I have only this simple idea in mind and that is to feel happy and painting makes me feel happy. I am often struggling with difficult mental problems because of my schizophrenia but am lucky to have a loving wife and children that make my life full of meaning and joy. I also enjoy company with friends and family but am also sometimes very occupied with illustrating, painting and music making or listening. Somehow I manage to keep myself fresh every time I start a painting and just dive into it as an pro swimmer in the ocean.

My life has been both difficult and harmonious because I find that G-d is always there with me helping me out in my difficult moments and I try to learn but am only human. I make some mistake here and there but since I am a painter it is all part of learning and the process is important. I am a strong believer that faith should guide us into respecting and caring for all of our human brothers and sisters and I would like to see more unity and love among people in the world. The tensions of these times call for more respect for all of us and that we look into our selves and start sharing our humanity and light with one another without hate and aggression to those among us. All of us I believe are unique and we are all sharing the life in the soul of G-d. That is why it is important to feel humble and accept all of us as equal human beings. No one has an supreme right to control everybody else and drive us into war against each other. We should rather find the humble words of the son of man true in our hearts and love our neighbour as we love our selves. Take it from me love is the only solution to todays problems and art should benefit that love.

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