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Karl Kristjan Davidsson or Kailash Youze is an Icelandic artist that started in the 90´s making graffiti as he became part of the French graffiti crew Lcf in Iceland with Keztro , Mint , Dyer , Osesh , Does , Jelt , Dek , AtomSr, IloSr, BeeSr, One, Nat , Starz, Barok, along with many more. Him and his brother Gnúsi Yones made music with Hip Hop as a passion along with many friends. 

They created the crew Subterranean that became pioneers of Icelandic HipHop, releasing the album “Central Magnetizm” in the year 1997.

Involved in the band were Cell7 a prolific female MC that became solo artist performing around the world and BlackFist aka F.E.T. MC and beat maker from Sweden who currently releases as Chimär , Slackerliv vol.2 etc. Gnúsi Yones became one of Icelands best beat makers producing for everyone new and old like Forgotten Lores , Bróðir Big, Fattaru, and others, before diving deep into producing reggae and dub music heading the band Amabadama in Iceland. He continues working with reggae and dub as well as a day job to pay the bills.

Subterranean warmed up on various HipHop jams in Reykjavík for Fugees , De La Soul and others. They also played around the island and became famous in their country for HipHop. 

The band went separate ways in 1999 and Kailash Youze after releasing a trip hop album called “FAR” as Chosen Ground went on to focus more on art and dealing with schizophrenia.

Gnúsi Yones and Kailash Youze became founding members of RVK Soundsystem DJing Reggae music until 2016 when more illness came to Kailash and he sought out help with focus on getting well. He started attending art therapy at local community centre and became better adjusted with his life.

Doing that he started to take a step into music making again and released music independently without advertising as Kailash Youze and Cosmic Dub Hop. In those projects he works with the great musicians Hallvardur A, Kristjan Hrannar and beat makers  Ordlaus and Vrong , MC High Ru, Óli Bjorn and Óli Ben  from Iceland and BlackFist / FET from Stockholm.

He also started to become known for colourful murals popping up in Reykjavík and finally accepted where he currently studies in Reykjavík School of Visual Arts, concentrating on fine art.

This year he is part of an mural collective along with many established artists in Reykjavik called Götustriginn / StreetCanvas in Iceland that are planning many murals to be painted to uplift positivity and shed light on mental health issues in various ways through mural and fine art.

Arnór Kári , Sigurdur Amundason , Kristinn Hardarson , Dr.Comicus , KarenYr and others in collaboration with the association called Art without Borders. They are looking for murals spots to paint on in Reykjavík so if you have an idea please reach out.

The hope is to open society up to different ways of seeing things and sharing the idea that inclusion is a necessity in todays world. We need to care for one another and use our creativity to work in positive ways. Our message should be a peaceful reminder of originality and togetherness.

Hip Hop continues to inspire as a culture and we need to focus on the spiritual and uplifting aspects of life through it.

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