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Umfjöllun um Kalla Youze og fleiri í sjónvarpsþættinum landanum 2024.

Smellið á leyfa vafrakökur til að sjá !

Here is a link to a feature about Kalli Youze on

Icelandic Tv program Landinn.

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Various works by Karl Kristjan /Kalli Kailash Youze / UC

Kailash Youze 

music and spoiken word produced by Kailash Youze and

Gnúsi Yones.


Advanced Tech

Kailash Youze presents


This talk with Marcello Milanezi and

Karl Kristjan Davidsson / K Youze

about art , life experience ,humanity , spirituality , AI and God.
Music by Gnúsi Yones and Kailash Youze 

After some deep thought I have to say that I dislike AI .

Ai is not a good idea for humanity. it is destructive more than 

constructive. I hope humanity finds its way back to faith in God our Lord Jesus Christ.  The world is in a dangerous place now and my prayer is for every good minded person to accept the guidance and salvation of our lord Jesus Christ.

Kindness and love are his greatest commandments. God is the only one able to help us to be safe and sound in these difficult days.  So let us trust him completely. especially since  so many leaders in politics and culture seem not to be having the best intentions for the people.

Jesus is the Light 

These songs written by Karl Kristján / Youze / UC are all about the greatness of having our Lord Jesus Christ present in our lives. It is very beneficial to have God as an rock in our lives and an constant source of meaning, direction and inspiration.

I really hope that all who find this spark of faith will allow it to grow and with time heal any calamity and pain.

We all share in some ways in the suffering of the world. That is why it can be so important to know that God loves us and wants us to be happy and blessed in his presence. No matter who we are or where we are from he is the ONE that has an open door for ALL:


Terra Matrika Youthikals is a new concept for our collective.

We are co creating sound , vision and art for the upliftment of our community and people around the world !

We are recording and preparing many things....

stay in touch because we think you will enjoy it all !!!!


Thank you for visiting !

we will be adding art and music to our page so check us out every now and then !!

See you !!

Kailash Youze.

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Reykjavik Iceland

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